Shenzi Salad Maker

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Everyone loves fresh, green salad! It is the perfect combination of being healthy and tasty. However, the process of making salad is an unwanted hassle.

Thanks to the Shenzi Salad Maker, you can rinse, chop, and prepare your salad bowl all in a matter of seconds. 

Safe & Clean: There is no need to worry about cutting your finger because the Shenzi was designed with an emphasis on safety. All of the slicing happens within the bowl compartment. Since there is no direct contact between you and the fruits, you won't have to worry about spreading germs from your hands.

Fast & Easy: Chop all of the ingredients in one bowl and serve all of the ingredients in a matter of seconds.

Versatile Functionality: The Shenzi is not only efficient for making vegetable and fruit salads, but it is effective for rinsing and cleaning vegetables as well. The permeable design allows for water to easily flow in and out of the Shenzi .

Durable Build: The Shenzi is comprised of strong, ABS Plastic, which will last for a very long duration. In addition, it is 100% dishwasher safe.


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