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Blue light is now one of the leading causes of eye impairment.

Computer screens, mobile devices, and tablets emit harmful blue light that penetrates to the retina of your eye. This damage can accumulate over time and cause nearsightedness, eye fatigue, dry eyes, and impaired vision. As digital devices become an overwhelming part of our lives, it is imperative that we all own a pair of these Protective Glasses.


They are perfect for gamers, business analysts, and all individuals who use computer screens/mobile phones for extensive periods of time. The Protective Glasses will allow you to use these devices confidently and without worry of detrimentally affecting your eyes.



According to Harvard Health, Blue Light will not only harm your vision, but will also reduce melatonin levels. This hormonal change will negatively impact your sleeping patterns, and in fact, it will alter your memory and decrease your brain's ability to hold information. In addition, there is some link between disturbed sleep and increase of breast and prostate cancer.

It is urgent that you own a pair of Protective Glasses. They are sleek, stylish, and most important of all, scientifically designed to protect you from unsafe blue light. It is no wonder why people love this product! If you need any additional social proof, look below to see the reviews.

Take the initiative to protect your vision.


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